10 Love Affairs We’re Ending

We’ve all had something that we’re really excited about initially, but then it lets us down. At that point, we have to reassess our “loves it” list and move on to the next thing. These 10 items were overdone in 2008, so in 2009 we’re ending our love affair.

Paying more than $3 for a cup of coffee is ridiculous, especially since the coffee isn’t that great.
I love leggings because they’re so easy to wear, but I’m tired of seeing everyone and their momma wearing them. I’m challenging myself to wear them only once (OK, twice) a week.
“The Hills”
This show has run its course. What else can the producers cook up for Lauren Conrad and company? We’re replacing it with “The City.”
Green tote bags
We have nothing against being green, but we don’t think your tote needs to advertise that your beliefs are “sexy.”
“Flavor of Love” spin-offs
I was obsessed with “Flavor of Love” and “I Love New York,” but now that VH1 has SEVEN spin-offs we’re begging them to stop the madness.
Ugg Boots
Sure they serve a purpose, but these have become the flip-flops of the winter. They just seem like a lazy choice for footwear.
Target and H&M designer collaborations
We were really excited about Target’s collabos initially, but now they’re just not that good, especially since “for Target” is emblazoned on every item. Also, we don’t think the H&M collabos are worth taking off work, waiting in an extremely long line and risking being assaulted.
Facebook applications
We’re really tired of people throwing snowballs at us, sending us drinks, sending us flare and giving us birthday gifts. In this case, it’s not the thought that counts. A virtual gift or outing is not the same as the real thing.
Miley Cyrus
Miley should just go away. What exactly is she doing to serve humanity?
MTV only shows two hours of videos everyday. The rest is reality TV fluff. We’ve decided to surf MTV.com, instead, because we can watch “The City” and videos there.