PETA Video Game Hunts Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has gotten a ton of bad press: her teen daughter’s pregnancy, her pricey wardrobe (especially the hooker boots), her future grandma-in-law — who was just arrested on six felony drug charges that indicate she was both manufacturing and distributing an illegal substance — her oil drilling payouts, and that little Hustler porno “Nailin’ Paylin”. Well, after all that, the woman is finally trying to fight back –over what, you ask? Find out, after the jump…An online video game! In “PETA’s Holiday Snowball Fight,” players get points for pelting the likes of KFC’s Col. Sanders, the “Trollsen Twins,” Donna Karan, Madonna, and the Governor of Alaska. Palin’s spokesman Bill McAllister has been trying to bully the “fur is murder” people by threatening to sue. You can check out their whole hilarious email back-and-forth — including my favorite accusation, “Did someone put Red Bull in your water cooler?” — here. Despite all the verbal and written intimidation, PETA, the animal rights organization, knows their rights and released a statement that they are standing by their ironic “hunter becomes the hunted” parody! So, you still have a chance to virtually snowball Sarah Palin. Yay! Although, we here at The Frisky are happy that our “Dress Up Sarah Palin” game has continued to stay under the Republican’s radar…. [Alaska Report]