My 2009 New Year’s Resolutions

This week, The Frisky will be revealing their oh-so-ambitious resolutions for 2009. We encourage you to submit yours in the comments—maybe you’ll inspire others to adapt the same resolutions and at the very least you’ll get some support. Especially for your resolution to eat more donuts this year. That’s something we can all get behind. Catherine is up next…

1. Learn how to cook at least one new dish every month: I eat the same stuff all the freaking time, mostly because I am a picky eater, but also because I know how to make about three dishes. I really need to enhance my repertoire — at least until I can afford to have a personal chef.
2. Learn how to edit video: I don’t want to become the next Sofia Coppola or anything, just be able to clip together little videos of my dog in iMovie. (Confession: This was a resolution for 2008 I never accomplished.)
3. Do some sort of good in the world: I want to start volunteering. If you have suggestions, let me know.
4. Write letters to my grandmother at least once a month: Phone calls are nice, but they just don’t compare to handwritten letters. My grandma has been sick lately, and I want to send her special somethings in the mail so she knows I’m thinking of her.