My 2009 New Year’s Resolutions

This week, The Frisky will be revealing their oh-so-ambitious resolutions for 2009. We encourage you to submit yours in the comments — maybe you’ll inspire others to adapt the same resolutions and at the very least you’ll get some support. Especially for your resolution to eat more donuts this year. That’s something we can all get behind. Amelia will start…

1. Commit to going to yoga three times a week: And at the very least, getting into headstand. Forearm stand, I will tackle you in 2010. Handstand, see you in 2011.
2. Introduce myself to new music: And go to see more bands play live. I used to love doing this, but have stopped going on a regular basis. And I need some Ladyhawke and Little Joy to balance out all the Beyonce and Britney.
3. Curb bad behaviors: My bad behaviors are drinking too much wine and then eating copious amounts of mac ‘n’ cheese while sending regrettable Facebook messages. Must stop this in 2009.4. No more BJs: Not completely, I mean, and it’s not like I’m giving them at all right now, given my sex sabbatical, but in, uh, past relationships, I realized I was giving them more than the average woman. My friends confirmed this. Hence, I want to join the ranks of my fellow females and make a blow job a special occasion occurrence, rather than part of my usual routine.
5. Discover a new hobby: I really want to take up something that I can do when I’m not writing on The Frisky. An activity I look forward to after work — maybe sewing, or taking Italian lessons, or doing photography. Watching “The Real Housewives Of Orange County” does not count.