Everything You Need To Know About The Cast Of “The City”

So, exciting stuff. Tonight on MTV both “Bromance” and “The City” premiere. And I am going to be liveblogging the latter, starting at 10pm EST. But before then, I thought we should probably prep you on the cast of “The City” — while we already know Whitney from her amazing work, cough, on “The Hills,” the rest of the cast is pretty unfamiliar. Let’s find out who “The City”‘s versions of Lauren, Audrina, and Heidi are, according to their bios on MTV.com…The Lauren: Samantha

In the divided world of the New York social scene, Samantha finds herself standing on both sides. She works as an assistant buyer at Bergdorf Goodman Uptown, and she fits right in with the Olivia Palermo’s of the world — they even date some of the same guys. But Samantha feels most at home going out with the Downtown crowd, and when she meets Whitney through Diane Von Furstenberg, the two become fast friends. Sami is a down-to-earth girl in a high-class world, but she always manages to find herself in the center of the storm.

Snap Judgment: Like Lauren in the sense that she’s always at the center of drama and that she and Whitney become fast friends. But we suspect Samantha may be a tad dimmer than Lauren, herself not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

The Audrina: Erin

Erin and Whitney have known each other for years, and when Whitney moves to the city, Erin is the only person she can call a friend. Erin is a downtown party-girl who loves life, and confesses to dating three guys at once. Why settle for one, if you can get away with it. Who better than someone like Erin to help Whitney navigate the dating scene of New York City.

Snap Judgment: Whitney is definitely closer to Erin than she ever was to Audrina, but Erin’s party-girl demeanor and ease going from guy to guy is classic Audrina. But we suspect Erin is a tad more intelligent that Audrina and her ceiling eyes.

The Heidi: Olivia

Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful. A socialite or better known in some circles as a ‘social,’ Olivia is a native of the Upper East Side, and knows New York City top to bottom. She lives an A-list lifestyle, whether she’s attending a constant stream of society parties, charity events and celebrity galas — or hosting her own famed rooftop dinner parties. Working in fashion PR for Diane Von Furstenberg, Olivia will teach Whitney a thing or two about New York … whether Whitney likes it or not. Will Olivia’s uptown sensibility clash with Whitney’s downtown vibe? The only thing that’s certain is Olivia won’t be afraid to speak her mind along the way.

Snap Judgment: The thing Olivia and Heidi have in common? They’re both bitchy media whores!

The Justin Bobby/Hot Guy: Jay

The first time Whitney saw Jay, he lit up her life, and she knew they’d be together. The only question now is, how long will they last? Jay is a musician who likes to stay out late and party with his friends. Whitney thinks he’s “beautiful,” but she’s not the only one. Jay adores Whitney, but will he give in to the temptations lurking around every corner in New York City? Or after having just gotten out of a long relationship will he step up and become the man that Whitney needs?

Snap Judgment: Obviously, Jay’s resemblance to Justin is almost solely the hair, but from what we could tell in his first appearance on “The Hills,” Jay is marginally more intelligent than JB and definitely less of a dick. At least for now…

The Spencer/A-Hole: Adam

A restaurant owner and model from Texas, Adam is Jay’s best friend and roommate. Adam is completely devoted to his model girlfriend who travels the world constantly, but when she’s away, the pressures of being young and beautiful in the big city can add up, and Adam is going to find that out the hard way.

Snap Judgment: This bio suggests that Adam cheats on his girlfriend at some point on the show, making him the show’s token a-hole. That said, he’s definitely more attractive then Spencer and hopefully a lot less creepily possessive and passive aggressive.

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