8 Ways President Obama Will Improve Your Sex Life

We got a glimpse last week of President-elect Barack Obama out of his suit and tie — totally shirtless. And it was a wonderful sight. Women everywhere, especially in The Frisky’s office, gawked at his chiseled pecs and toned body. And men took notice too, thinking, “If Obama has the time to workout, then I have no excuse.” That’s why we predict that as president and guys’ role model, Obama will change your sex life and relationship. More after the jump.

  1. Obama’s shirtless photo will encourage more men to prioritize working out, which will lead to your man having a better body and the two of you will have steamy sex.
  2. Your main complaint for your guy is his lack of communication. Well, when Obama takes office that will change because he researches both sides of a debate. Your man will be able to see your point even if he doesn’t agree with it.
  3. Your partner will communicate more effectively and will put every family decision to a vote.
  4. He will engage in more PDA’s, like the Obamas throughout the campaign.
  5. Your man will make more time for you, even though he has a demanding, high-stress job. As a senator, Obama promised himself he would be home every weekend from Thursday to Sunday.
  6. Your guy will take fashion cues from Obama, who always stands out amid a sea of red and blue ties at political events.
  7. Couples everywhere will no longer just throw in the towel on their relationship during a rough patch. If the Obama’s can weather the stress of the campaign, regular folks have no excuse to give up on their partnerships.
  8. And finally, he will do more of the household chores. While living in Chicago, Obama did the grocery shopping for his family.