In Bed With … Brad Pitt

Born: December 18, 1963. 6:31 a.m., Shawnee, Oklahoma
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Ascendant: Sagittarius
Moon: Capricorn
Venus: Capricorn
Mars: Capricorn Love Style:

Brad Pitt is for a bag of mixed nuts when it comes to love. He’s got two extremes working for him. On one hand, he’s a super Sag man. This influence makes him adventurous, spontaneous, freedom-loving, and an idealist. On the other, he’s got a Capricorn influence that can make him his own worst enemy, as his conservative and structured side constantly tries to censor his Sagittarius energy. While he’ll want to feel love like he’s on magic beans, he also has the ability to short-circuit frequently and go full on into prude mode. This keeps life interesting, but it means he’ll end up in a relationship that swings from high to lowbrow, hot to cold, raunchy to rigid. He needs a partner that’s unpredictable and can keep him on his toes. Leaving him to his own devices often leaves him in a rut.

Sex Style:

This one loves it physical and rough. He’s no shrinking violet, and he doesn’t like his women to be that way either. He wants to be eaten up in bed, literally and metaphorically, pleasured and pained, and swung back between the two as often as possible. He’s driven to danger and trying out different power structures, which makes him super-enticing to a lady with a lot of spunk. He’s the type of guy that would be game for having his nuts strung up from the ceiling, to be defecated on, humiliated, and made to beg, and vice versa — and in doing it back to his lady, too. As is the case with anyone who has heavy Capricorn influences, power plays get them off. Also on the agenda: sex games, trying out anything adventurous, especially getting it on in new places — nature and the great outdoors being his top places to be stimulated. When it comes to sex, he’s a man that‘ll make you sweat. He’s out to get and give catharsis, unrelenting until an epiphany comes.

His Type:

Brad is no dummy when it comes to power, money, and status. His ambition is strong, and he’s not the type to fall in love with just anyone. Whom he shacks up with plays a major role in his psyche in terms of how he defines himself and his success. Only ladies worthy of being in a power couple need apply; image is important to him. Being more business-minded than he appears, he prefers someone that can compliment him in all areas important to him, and finances is one of them. The thing that makes him endearing, though, is that he isn’t into success as purely an egotistical pursuit but as a method towards achieving ultimate freedom and acquiring the means to live out his idealism. Of course, when you’re as driven to achieve Nirvana as he is, he wants the top prize in love, too.