Ask The Astrosexologist: Can A Scorpio & A Virgo Find Love Online?

I have been emailing and talking on the phone with a man across the county who I met through a group online. His birthday is 9/10. I was born on 11/15. We get along great, enjoy the same things and I’ve developed very warm feelings for him. He says he looks forward to meeting me, as we are both traveling to meet with other members in our group next year. But I sometimes get mixed messages from him, which makes me sad, since we have been communicating for six months everyday. Then he will call me, even if I don’t call him. Do you see a romance developing? – A Drowning Water Sign In our day and age of technology, the mating game has changed faster than we’ve psychologically evolved, and it’s made the quest for love a lot messier. Meeting people online gives people ample room to be flaky. So, behind any Internet spark come a lot of questions, as it’s harder to determine trustworthiness and chemistry. Plus, it creates a playing field where anyone can be whomever they want, making the perils infinite.

Not to say a-holes can’t go undetected in-person, too, but both parties must step out of the virtual reality and into actual reality to find out the truth. This should ring true for anyone, but more so for you, Miss Scorpio love-to-plunge-myself-into-passionate-mayhem-sun and Virgo-I-can-think-1000-thoughts-per-second-moon. Being born with the ability to think any matter to death and all the way back again, you’re no stranger to situations with mixed messages. However, take this one as your turn to chill out.

No matter how long it’s been or what you’ve discussed, you’re not far enough along to invest your emotions too deeply. Since it sounds like a face-to-face meeting is at least a few months away, at the rate you’re going the pressure and possible awkwardness are building to what could be an astronomical level. All those self-sabotaging actions need to stop. For now, it’s best to enjoy whatever bond you have, live your life, and when it comes to meeting, see what happens. Until then, you don’t know what cards are actually in your hand, and, as it goes, if you think too far ahead of yourself, it’ll mess up your game.

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