Rick Warren Hums Along To Melissa Etheridge’s Tune

Sigh. We hate to say it, but Obama unified the country and then disenfranchised one of his core constituent groups — the gays! When he chose the proselytizing pro-Proposition 8 pastor Rick Warren to swear him in on the upcoming Inauguration Day, everyone from gayelle talking head Rachel Maddow to Republican Governor Schwarzenegger went, “Huh?” Honestly, why Obama, why would you choose a dude whose spent the past six months shouting fire and brimstone-style slurs about homosexuals and smack-talking gay marriage by likening it to pedophilia and incest? But thanks to a pop star, it looks like the pastor might be repenting!

Apparently, even Warren has seen the error of his ways. One of the most vocal opponents of Prop 8, lesbian singer/songwriter Melissa Etheridge, invited the clergyman over to meet her two mommy family in the spirit of, “Maybe if they get to know us, they won’t fear us.” Well, apparently, Warren knows every word to her song, “I Need To Wake Up,” because he convinced her that he has changed his mind about gay rights. When the two hung out, Warren told Etheridge that he is trying to wipe the H8 off of his Saddelback Church’s website. Although Warren himself has not come out and publicly made a statement, Melissa Etheridge is doing the talking for him via the Huffington Post. She even signed a copy of her Christmas record for the dude!

Still, we are a little suspicious of this 180…what could have changed his heart? Here are a few things we think might have made Warren wake up and see just how discriminatory his beliefs were:

1. His wife finally let him put it in her butt and now he gets what all the fuss is about!
2. He saw “Milk,” the Golden Globe nominated movie about the slain public servant and gay rights leader, Harvey Milk, and tots cried.
3. Former Senator Larry Craig threatened to talk to the press about their airport glory hole rendezvous.
4. Oops! Etheridge actually met with Warren’s drag impersonator not the real guy.

Ah, we kid! We’re just glad Warren is on the road to being a truly good Christian by accepting the rights of all people.

[World of Wonder]