“Intervention”: Nicole Is NOT Walking On Sunshine

Some people are addicted to heroin. Others have a constant craving for sex. My vice? A&E’s “Intervention.” I watched the episode about Allison, who huffed computer duster, like, 10 times (“It’s like I’m walking on sunshine!” she crowed while sucking on the stuff). But last night’s episode redefined “out of your mind.” Nicole has an eating disorder, but she’s not your garden variety bulimic or anorexic. She “eats” only by feeding tube, which pumps liquid food into her stomach. She hasn’t swallowed in 14 years. She doesn’t even swallow her own saliva! She spits it out! Into a cup! Sometimes she chews food so she can taste something and then spits it out. So how did Nicole get so sick? As a child, she was forced to perform oral sex on a friend’s father. As a result, she developed a psychological inability to swallow. Once her weight dropped to a frightening 60-something pounds, doctors put her on the feeding tube. Did Nicole go to rehab? Is she is in recovery? Check out the preview and keep your eye out for reruns or when it pops up at AEtv.com.