In Defense Of A Semi-Real Semi-Housewife

A New York Post TV critic has a real problem with the women on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” But we think Linda Stasi, the critic, should cut these women some slack, especially Gretchen Rossi. After all, we really can’t expect much from these saline/silicon-inflated women. I’ll make my case, after the jump.In case you’re not up on the happenings of this show, Gretchen, 30, is engaged to Jeff, a man 23 years her senior who is dying of leukemia and is filthy rich. Jeff proposed to Gretchen from his hospital bed just months after they started dating. Although Gretchen openly admits that she isn’t attracted to him, she says he is her “Prince Charming” and the kindest man she has ever met. She seems to be his sole caregiver during his cancer treatments because his four adult children don’t live in Orange County.

Like most “Housewives”‘ fans, we’ve wondered whether Gretchen is a saint or a gold digger and have concluded that she’s a little of both. We doubt that she would have given Jeff the time of day if he wasn’t wealthy, but we think she genuinely cares for him. Nursing someone through the daily effects of chemotherapy or radiation isn’t easy and shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, Gretchen has risen to the task. She quit her real estate job, lessened her partying and learned how to give Jeff injections.

Stasi makes it clear that she thinks Gretchen is just a gold digger. “I only hope the older boyfriend lives long enough to write Gretchen out of his will,” she wrote. But if that were the case, Gretchen would have moved on to a healthier sugar daddy when she learned of Jeff’s illness. After all, there are plenty of rich guys out there would would go ga-ga for Gretchen’s good looks.

Although we don’t completely agree with Stasi’s assessment of Gretchen, her opinions of some of the other housewives are right on target. Vicki Gunvalson is desperate — desperate for attention from her kids, friends and husband and desperate to find meaning in her work.

Tamra, oh, pathetic Tamra Barney, is not to be emulated because she has no redeeming qualities. She uses sex to get attention, even from her son’s friends. We guess she has to maintain that “Hottest Housewife” title, somehow. On tonight’s episode, she throws a temper tantrum, calling herself a bad mother, because she discovers her son’s tattooed mouth. She’s probably right, though. Since her son has no accountability and no real future, she has failed as a mother. The most shocking part of this scene, however, is that Tamra pulled this tantrum stunt last season when her son showed her another tattoo.

Check out a preview of tonight’s episode, above — there’s a tanning party! I guess it goes without saying that we really can’t wait for our beloved “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” to return.