If The Couples In Ads Could Talk

Sometimes, the most interesting part about reading a magazine is not the articles, but the ads. While I was sorting through a stack of magazines that needed organizing, I started noticing just how many ads for fashion companies feature couples. But they don’t look the least bit lovey dovey. In fact, they look awkward. After the jump, what the couples in ads are really thinking…

HE’S THINKING: I don’t like sharing my woman, so I’m going to try to be the alpha male here and lead the way.
SHE’S THINKING: Man, I wish I were wearing a coat, a sweater, heck, I’d even take a performance-fleece vest from Old Navy.
HE’S THINKING: That guy may be holding her hand, but I’ve got her waist. I win, I win!

SHE’S THINKING: Wow, the photographer’s assistant standing in the corner is hot.
HE’S THINKING: I feel all ticklish when she touches me.

HE’S THINKING: I look like Robert Pattinson. Well, at the very least my hair does.
SHE’S THINKING: I look like Mandy Moore. Also, this guy kind of smells.

HE’S THINKING: I hope she doesn’t lean back and push us out the window. My shoes are newly polished, and I would hate for them to get scuffed when I hit the street.
SHE’S THINKING: I am a fierce vampire; this man is my prey.

SHE’S THINKING: He’s not funny.
HE’S THINKING: He’s not funny.
HE’S THINKING: I am soooooo funny.