Beyonce Needs A New Bag Of Tricks

The hottest chick in the game has released the third video off her album I Am Sasha Fierce. “Diva” is one of the hottest songs off Beyonce, I mean, Sasha Fierce’s album. It’s definitely something that will make you bop your head in the club. But while watching the video, I was reminded of how “Diva” is very similar to some of B’s other videos. Actually, similar is being kind — it’s like watching all her other videos rolled into one. I think the pop star has gotten so big, she doesn’t know how to outdo herself anymore. After the jump, five tricks from “Diva” that Ms. Knowles has used in her other videos…

1. “Diva” was shot in black and white. Just like “If I Were a Boy,” “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It),” “Sugar Mama” and “Flaws and All.” Black and white is definitely cool, but she’s starting to OD on it.

2. Opening sequence in “Diva”: Beyonce is walking underneath a bridge, alone, with cars scattered throughout. Opening sequence in “Crazy in Love”: Beyonce is walking underneath a bridge, alone, with cars scattered throughout. How creative.

3. The black leotard was such a sensational concept in “Single Ladies,” she brought it back again for “Diva.” And her other new song “Halo” is out. Guess what Mrs.Carter is wearing in this one too?

4. Having two back-up dancers worked so well the first time, in “Single Ladies,” B took a chance on the concept again.

5. At the end of “Diva,” Beyonce tosses a lighter into a car under the bridge and it goes up in flames. Almost like when her hubby, Jay-Z , threw a lighter at the the car under the bridge in “Crazy in Love.” Remember? Beyonce was in the car, so I know she knows what I’m talkin’ about.

For the record, I am not hating on Beyonce. I know people like to rip on her for…well, a laundry list of reasons. I really admire her as an artist and her contribution to the music industry — but I don’t think, say, having some sizzling half-naked men parade around in a video one of these days, so I have something to look at, is a bad idea either. I mean, really, Beyonce. We all know you look good. Give the ladies some eye candy too.