Massager Kills, Plus 14 Other Dangerous Beauty Buys!

Trying to de-stress and stay beautiful apparently led to the death of three people. They were using a foot massager called the Shape-up-Roller 2 when somehow they were killed. Details were uncovered regarding the death of one of the victims. The woman removed the protective cloth cover from the machine but strangled herself when it got caught on her collar as she tried to use it on her neck.

It makes you wonder, though, what other high-maintenance products we use on a regular basis to feed our vanity that could be dangerous or painful. After the jump, a list of products that could be unsafe and harmful if not used properly. They won’t kill you, but they can definitely cause havoc in your life.
1. Mascara: If you don’t watch where you point that thing you will totally poke your eye out. Not literally, but you can scratch your cornea.
2. Curling iron: Burning the back of your neck or your ear is practically expected when curling your coif.
3. Anything fake: Fake nails, fake eyelashes and fake hair all require some type of glue to be applied which can be an issue when it’s time to come off.
4. Wax: If it’s too hot when you apply it, you can burn yourself.
5. Depilatory Creams: Quick hair removal treatments, like Nair are great when you’re in a rush. But the chemicals that cause the hair to “burn off” can also cause your skin to burn and can lead to redness and irritation.
6. Razors: Routine shaving can lead to nicks and cuts -Which then leads to you walking around with a Hello Kitty band-aid on the back of your ankle.
7. Botox: A needle shooting through some part of your face — enough said.
8. Tanning Beds: It’s winter time and we all want some color but the UV rays can cause cancer. Not to mention, what if the bed breaks and your ass is sitting on some hot bulbs?
9. Chemical Peels: Chemical peels are a very popular method to reverse the effects of aging and sun damage. But the chemicals applied to the face can cause stinging, redness and swelling.
10. Relaxers/Perms: People of color often use relaxers to straighten the hair. But if the relaxer is left on the hair for too long, it can cause burning and irritation which leads to scars in the scalp. In some extreme instances, relaxer left on too long can lead to hair loss.
11. Nail Clippers/Cuticle Clippers: We all love getting manis and pedis but if the products haven’t been sanitized, it can cause a fungal infection and nail discoloration.
12. Skin bleaching creams: The active ingredient in the creams, hydroquionone, has been banned from various countries because of the recent study which links it as a cancer-causing agent. Also, overuse thins the skin out and the chemicals in the cream can penetrate into the blood stream which can reach your liver and kidneys.
14. Hair dye: Dyes can trigger allergic reactions. And the dye that doesn’t land in your hair and finds its way to your skin can cause staining.