The Best Male Bloggers of 2008

Who are 2008’s best male bloggers? From gadget geeks to beat-makers, supadupastars to trendhunters, celebrity stalkers to street shooters, we’ve rounded up the best of the guy bloggers. Found out who they are after the jump.The Dlister: Michael K is the creator of Dlisted, the uber-popular gossip site for the celebrity obsessed. From his own private lexicon — Britney Spears = Our Lady of Cheetos, Jessica Alba = MiserAlba, and Carrot Top = Carrot Bottom — to his passion for dancing midgets, Michael K skewers the stars with uncensored glee.

The Geekster: No best male bloggers of 2008 list would be complete without a nod to the geek who pioneered videotaping testicular deforestation. Over at Boing Boing Gadgets, Joel Johnson covers all things gadget-related, but the highlight of his career this year can be found in this episode of Boing Boing TV in which he reviews a personal “bodygroomer” and winds up flashing his wang.

The Supadupastah: Over at Kanye Universe City, Kanye West provides an ongoing stream of ‘bots, kicks, and mixtapes. For his latest album, 808s and Heartbreak, he turned a breakup into music, and his blog reveals the brain behind the beats.

The Fashionisto: Gabriel Bell covers fashion at Refinery29’s Pipeline. Whether it’s eclectic style roundups, ’08 fashion obituaries, or hipster op-eds, Bell’s couture curating makes Pipeline one of the best fashion blogs on the Web.

The Secret Sharer: Nearly four years and almost 3,000 postcards in, PostSecret shows no signs of letting up. Created by Frank Warren, the site publishes reader-submitted postcards upon which anonymous artists confess their deepest, darkest secrets. Now that the project’s spawned a book series, maybe it’s time for “PostSecret: The Movie”?

The Reality Fiend: At fourfour, Brooklyn blogger Rich Juzwiak hilariously recaps “America’s Next Top Model,” waxes philosophical about living dolls, and raises the bar when it comes to kitty pride. Some come for the Winston, but you’ll stay for the Tyraisms.

The Shooter: At the acclaimed online outpost of The Sartorialist, photographer Scott Schuman captures street style better than all the rest with his on-the-fly portraits of the everyday sartorialists that he encounters as he travels from Manhattan to Milan. We can’t wait to get our hands on the dead tree version.

The Microcelebrity: Rex Sorgatz offers up links that make you think at a blog named for a “micro-organism that consumes its own waste for sustenance.” Mmmm, tasty. When he’s not compiling his motherlode list of lists, he’s producing “I’m Just Sayin’,” a virtual chick chat show that corners NonSociety on the playground and beats it to a pulp.

The Audiofreak: The Largehearted Boy is a music-lover and web designer who resides “deep in the American South.” Daily downloads, 2008’s best music, and Try It Before You Buy It make this big-hearted blog a musical wunderkammer.

The Opinionator: Andrew Sullivan. Whether you love or hate him or his politics, Sullivan’s “Why I Blog” defined the blogpopulace’s motivations in 2008: “a willingness to fall off the trapeze rather than fail to make the leap.” A gay, Catholic conservative, Sullivan asserts that we’re living in “a golden era for journalism,” thanks, in no small part, to the blogosphere.

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