Stupid Product Alert: Tape Yourself Slim!

Does your arm skin jiggle every time you wave hello? How about your thighs? Do they wobble with every step you take? Well, “now you can wear short sleeves [and shorts] again!” Thankfully, the make-a-quick-buck powers-that-be have invented Slim Tape. Supposedly this $10 product works like magic, but really it’s rather simple. You basically adhere the tape to your arm skin and then pull up the other flap of tape and adhere it to the top side of your arm. For the thighs, you adhere one flap of tape to the middle of the thigh. Then pull up the other flap of tape and adhere it to your upper thigh. And presto! You’ve got “younger looking” skin. Plus the tape is reusable. The taped side of arm skin is never shown in the commercial. I think the makers realized a flaw in this product’s purpose because it would be even more embarrassing to actually wear short sleeves if the Slim Tape is visible. Although my mom intends on purchasing this, I don’t think this product is really necessary. Jiggly arm skin seems to happen to most women no matter how much iron we pump. So I think we should just get over it.