RIP: Robert Pattinson’s Hair

As I noted yesterday, “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson cut his hair. While it’s obvious that he’ll have to grow it back for the sequel “New Moon” — after all, Edward Cullen’s hair doesn’t CHANGE — I’m still mourning the loss of his luscious, dirty locks. Above, his hair in its many disheveled forms. Can you guess the chronological order of these photos, from the oldest to the most recent? Answers, after the jump, but no cheating!ANSWER: I, H, B, F, E, D, C, G, A
[A: 12/0808; B: 9/07/08; C: 12/03/08; D: 11/20/08; E: 11/20/08; F: 11/17/08; G: 12/04/08; H: 7/08/07; I: 11/11/05]

[Photos: Splash News]