In Bed With … Fabrizio Moretti

Born: June 2, 1980, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Sun Sign: Gemini
Ascendant: Unknown
Moon: Capricorn
Venus: Cancer
Mars: Virgo Love Style:

Fab is a boy with a big ole playful heart that’s out to find a partner with a purpose. Call it power coupling or a fear of being bored, but Mr. Moretti is a guy that likes his relationships to have structure and goals — as in having projects they can work on together and be bonded through, as he likes having something to show for his relationships rather than just memories. Plus, with his artistic and intellectual pursuits being his main priorities, working with his gal pal makes it easier for him, as he can integrate his life into one area, rather than departmentalizing, which he would otherwise have a tendency to do. Also, having a partner in crime helps him to keep focused and occupied — which may seem more practical than romantic at the end of the day, but to him, art is his romance.

Sex Style:

He loves affection and gentleness more in theory than in actual practice. Not one to get too wrapped up in the emotional side, Fab is more for going in, getting the job done and getting out. While he’ll tend to be fairly fast himself, going after what he wants and being done with it, he is fair and will help out whom he beds until she gets her fair share. His approach is about curiosity and efficiency, taking on each partner as a puzzle that he sexually pieces together to get the final result — orgasm. Lucky for her, he’s the ultimate multi-tasker, which means when it comes to turning you out, expect a five-ring circus kind of lover-man that isn’t above costumes, toys and integrating whatever it takes to fulfill his manly duty. The only downfall, once he finds the way to giving the goods, he can tend to use the same tricks repetitively.

His Type:

Fab’s ideal of beauty is not of the cookie cutter variety, but something edgier and quirkier. Think a classically beautiful girl, but with a twist, as in having a feature that is exaggerated or is asymmetrical — a gal with character to her face and also on the list is being funny, quick, earthy, cultured and talented. As it goes, this mercurial man has a thing for intellectual types, as he’s a bit of the nutty professor himself and for anyone to truly understand him at that level, she’ll need to be there too. Walking to the beat of a different drummer, the lady of his dreams must have a wild imagination and the passions to make it come alive. Yes, if he’s out for a part of him to really get blown, it’s his mind.

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