The 15 Best Videos Of 2008

It’s been a big year! I just spent the last few hours pouring through the hundreds of videos we’ve posted on The Frisky, trying to determine which 15 were the funniest, the cutest, the most inspiring, simply the BEST. It was a tough call, but we hope you’ll agree that the 15 videos after the jump, which we wrote about this year on The Frisky are worth rewatching again and again and again. 1. Best STFU: Jon Stewart Doesn’t Understand Why Mike Huckabee Hates Gays

2. Best Display Of Maternal Affection: Breast Feeding Is Beautiful…When It’s Not Downright Creepy

3. Best Ridiculously Cute Domesticated Animal: Maru The Cat

4. Best Ridiculously Cute Wild Animal: Christlian The Lion Will Send Your Tear Ducts Into Overdrive

5. Best Of “The Tyra Show”: The Tyra Show Investigates Vampires

6. Best Impression Of A Super Famous Celeb: Leaked Celeb Confessions: Katie Holmes Uncensored

7. Best Personal Style: Soap Star Takes Us Back To The Future

8. Best Pronunciation Of The Word Penis: Solid Advice For Guys From Vong

9. Best Battle: Sarah Silverman Vs. Jimmy Kimmel: F**king Matt Damon & Ben Affleck

10. Best Display Of My Confused Cleavage: The Frisky’s Amelia Gets Fondled And Fitted

11. Best Crazy Lady: Broadway Couples Has It Out In Court…And On YouTube?

12. Best Mashup: Miss Piggy Learns The Teaches Of Peaches

13. Best Reality TV Declaration Of Love: Ozzy Tells Amanda He Wuvs Her On The Survivor Finale

14. Best Bubble Bath: Angela Lansbury Plays (With) Herself

15. Best Reason To Stay Home From Work & Masturbate: Chris Brown Stop Making Us Blush!