Woman Lives With Sex Maniac

Amanda Draper, a 34-year-old woman from Ontario, Canada, is married to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. During the day, her husband, 33-year-old Tim Draper, is a normal and loving guy, but as soon as he falls asleep he turns into an aggressive, sex-crazed monster, who tears off his wife’s nightgown, pulls on her flesh, and forces himself on her. “He has ripped my nightgown to the point where buttons have come right off and he has torn big holes in my under-clothing.” Amanda said. “He uses force to keep me down. It’s scary. He doesn’t hit me but I do get marks on my arms from him holding me down. At first it was terrifying but I know it is not really Tim doing it.”

That’s because Tim suffers from a rare sleep disorder: sexsomnia. Although he behaves this way nearly every other night, Tom always awakes in the morning with no memory of his nighttime activities.

“I feel bad that it happens. I have no idea what goes on. My body is doing what it wants without me having any control over it.” Tim said. “It’s like Jekyll and Hyde. I wake up without any notion of what I’ve done. I feel guilty about it but I also have no control over it. I really wish I did.”

Experts aren’t really sure what causes sexsomonia, but they believe “sufferers are driven by subconscious primeval instincts to mate.”

And you thought your husband was a horndog. [Dailymail.co.uk]