I’m Bringing My Virginity Back

Ever wonder what it would be like if you were a virgin again? Have you wished you could recreate the night you gave up your goodies? He would gaze deeply into your eyes and tell you how much he loves you in front of a roaring fireplace over soft music and candlelight with rose petals strewn on the floor. But instead, you gave it up in the bathroom to the cute guy on the basketball team for a two minute quickie because you thought you were going to be with him forever but instead he was just using you and you’ve never talked to him again…no, I’m not bitter. Well now you can re-live that virgin’ fantasy of yours with the Artificial Virginity Hymen. Yes, that’s right ladies. You can be deflowered for a second (and third! and fourth!) time.

Gigimo.com sells this artificial hymen so you can have your first time back every time! How it works is you insert the artificial hymen into your vajayjay. It will expand a little to make you feel tight and right to have your cherry popped for the night. And once your partner penetrates, the fake hymen will squirt out a liquid that looks like blood. I guess that’s a little bonus for ladies trying to convince someone they actually are a virgin.

I haven’t determined if I think this is the coolest invention or just the grossest. Having fake blood ooze out your cooch is a not really a turn-on. But it’s less than $15. If I can be a born-again for less than $15, I’d be willing to give it a shot. Makes a cool stocking stuffer. Or one of our craves! [Gigimo]

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