Why We Need The Knot

Word around the blogosphere is that The Knot, the website devoted to obsessing over wedding and engagement details, may be tanking. Though I’ve heard it’s a helpful resource for brides, I’ve never had reason to visit it myself (even if I were engaged, I’d be more of an IndieBride), but I took the news of its possible doom as an excuse to check it out and see what I’d been missing. Holy moly, you guys, the site’s better than porn…especially for its awesome message boards! After the jump, some one my favorite messages from the boards, all of which are reason enough to hope this site stays strong and survives the recession.

I accidentally found out that my boyfriend has bought a ring for me. No telling when he is going to propose. But I am a little disappointed now because I really want to be completely surprised! And it truly was an accident.

I am divorced and have my old wedding band and engagement ring. A few months ago, my bf and I talked about our future and getting married. At that time, I told him that whenever he feels ready, he should take my old rings and trade them in toward new ones. I didn’t want to keep the old ones of course, and thought that would be the most useful way to get rid of them. I told him where they were (a drawer in my jewelry box that I literally NEVER open. Has only the really old jewelry that I don’t wear and don’t know why I keep in there.) and I left it at that. That was in October. On Friday when I was getting ready for work, I opened the drawer looking for a bracelet. At first I didn’t even think twice about the box missing. But a minute later, I realized I didn’t see it and went back to check if it was there. It wasn’t and the only thing I can think is that he took them to trade them in. Yes I know, he may have taken them now and not plan on doing anything for awhile. But I guess I just wish I knew absolutely nothing about what is potentially coming. I just wanted to vent a little bit about figuring it out. :(

Oh noes!! She accidently discovered her old rings missing from the jewelry box where she told her boyfriend he could find them! Who woulda thought a crazy mix-up like that could ever happen?! I just hope she can still manage to feign surprise when he pops the question. OMG, you do think he’s going to pop the question, right? I mean, the rings are missing!!!

BF and I have been together over 5 years (he is 31 and I am 27). I would love to get engaged this Christmas and have told BF that a ring is the only gift I want.

Around Thanksgiving weekend, I showed him a pic of a ring that I have been holding on to for about 7 years and he said that he really liked it. Well the pic disappeared a few days later and I found it in his wallet!! Good sign right? Well since I had never actually tried on the ring in person, I found a jeweler that had it this past weekend and it turns out I did not like it so much. Yesterday I was Christmas shopping by myself and I found a ring that I really REALLY loved! I called BF and left him a voicemail stating my excitement. Last night I convinced him to drive back to the store (25 miles away) so he could see it and see my love for it. He said “if it means that much to you, we’ll go see it”. I was so excited!!

When we got to the store, I showed it to him and he said he liked it as well, plus liked the fact that price was very very low due to holiday sales. What do you all think about this scenario?? This is coming from a man who did not want to discuss marriage up until the past 6 months ago and now he has the ring pic in his wallet and was willing to sit through me trying on rings??? Thanks!!!

Oh, the excitement!!! Of course he is going to propose! Wow, and to think that six months ago he wouldn’t even discuss marriage. That must have been difficult for his girlfriend who’s had her engagement ring picked out for 7 years (2 years longer than she’s known her boyfriend). Who cares that he’ll be proposing to a woman who snoops in his wallet, this is true love!! I mean, he drove 25 miles to a store for her and he’s willing to shell out for a new ring — a very, very low-priced one. If that isn’t a sign this is meant to be, I don’t know what is!

We have a family we are inviting and we’re addressing their save the date… one son does not live with them anymore, so he is getting his own std. Should we address his parents’ std with “Mr and Mrs. blahblah and Family” for his brother and sister who still live with them? Or since it is a std should we just address the parents?

This letter perfectly illustrates how awesome I think the idea of elopement is! Marry and keep your brain cells intact — brilliant!