A Tweet From The Womb

An NYU grad student has found a unique way to way to use Twitter. Corey Menscher, whose wife Ellen is eight months pregnant with the couple’s first baby, figured out a novel way to have Twitter notify him every time the baby kicks. For a class project, he invented a pregnancy belt he dubbed the Kickbee, made of a “stretchable band with embedded electronics and sensors” that “transmit small but detectable voltages when they are triggered by movement underneath.” The signals are then wirelessly transmitted to an accompanying Java application via Bluetooth. “I have a vibrating device in my pocket at all times,” says Menscher. “Every time the baby kicks, it uploads a message to the server and I get a text message on my phone as well.”

“This is kind of high-tech and fun way to be able to keep track of the fetal kick counts,” says Dr. Gayle Olson, an obstetrician at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. “And since it goes out on Twitter, you could send the information to whoever you would want to share it with.”

And you thought Twitter was just for updating friends and followers on what you ate for breakfast and whether it was snowing in your neighborhood. [NYDailyNews]