The Best Cries Of 2008

2008 was a year filled with ups and downs. We laughed, we cried, and we captured it all on camera! While 2009 promises plenty of tears — thanks to Brody Jenner’s upcoming show “Bromance,”, we must honor the whimper that was the past 12 months. So, to commemorate those who weren’t afraid to just let it all out, here are the Best Cries Of 2008:

10. Kenley Was Finally Humbled On “Project Runway”

Project Runway’s most hatable hack, Kenley, wouldn’t even tone it down when Tim Gunn gave her a talking to, but Diane von Furstenberg was finally able to break her! Just the mere sight of the fashion icon turned Kenley into mush. Damn, wrap dresses really do amazing things for women!9. 50 Cents Crushes Paris Hilton
Paris thinks she owns everything because she’s rich. But she might have gotten confused because 50 Cent isn’t for sale — it’s his name. When the rapper performed at a magazine party she was hosting, the blonde hopped up on stage to be his fly girl. Although 50 and Paris have been, um, very flirty in public and 50 even hits on her in rhyme, that night they got in a fight because he immediately had his bodyguards remove her. Basically, the diss made her the living color version of the old song, “It’s My Party” (And I’ll Cry If I Want To). Waaaah! 50 denies the incident, but the proof is in the pictures.

8. Onch’s Emotional Rollercoaster from Paris Hilton’s My New BFF

Reality show whore Onch proved he was an even bigger prima donna than Paris, by whimpering at the sight of a rollercoaster that could mess up his hair.

7. Ashley Dupré Fakes It ‘Til She Makes It

Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s escort tries to pretend she’s sorry for having earned a six-figure salary with some poorly orchestrated teardrops during her Diane Sawyer interview. While she might be working on pop stardom, she’s got no shot at becoming an actress.

6. James Franco Cries For His Dead Cat

James Franco proves he is the King of Crying in this Funny or Die acting lesson. This babe is always blubbering on camera. He’s not afraid of his feelings and, better yet, he has a sense of humor about them! Although this is our fave Franco sob, we’d like to give a nod to our second favorite: the memorial march scene is his movie in theaters now, “Milk.” When thousands take to the streets to show their sorrow for the slain gay rights leader, all those candlelit tears remind us of the importance of the Prop 8 protests now.

5. “America’s Next Top Models” Cry Themselves A River

Honestly, shedding tears this often must be these models’ weight loss secret. We couldn’t pick our favorite weepy Tyra/ANTM moment, especially since the daytime drama queen has so many emo disciples sobbing on her talk show. So, here is an awesome video montage by keksipiste of the flood gates pouring out on prime time television to the tune of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River.”

4. Jason Segel Exposes Emotions And More in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”

The dude drops his towel so he can cover his face to cry when his girlfriend dumps him in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” Not only do you get to see the Jason Segel’s softer side, you also get to see his softie. Bonus! Although, we have to admit it’s a little strange that our #1 Male Nude scene, also makes our best cry list too….

3. Olympic Mom Debbie Phelps Gets All Choked Up Over Gold

Michael Phelps’ mom has a lot to be proud of! Her tears of joy in Beijing were so freaking cute. Although she’s charming, we have to admit we’re a little distracted by just how much her son looks like her. It’s like Michael Phelps in drag!

2. Javier Bardem in The New York Times Magazine

The sexy stud can play a serial killer and we still want him bad. But nothing made us fall for the macho man more than seeing him show some love for his mother (vid above), “Saturday Night Fever,” and shed some tears for The New York Times’ T Magazine Fashion Issue.

1. Oprah “Cries Her Eyelashes Off” Over Obama

After hearing the Prez elect speak at a rally back in August, Oprah balled so much, it washed away her make-up and fake lashes! On election night, with America watching as Obama celebrated his win with a moving speech, we all got to watch Oprah lose it live along with hundreds of thousands of supporters and former Presidential hopeful Jesse Jackson. It was so touching to see everyone come together for a good cry! Well, that is unless you’re Fox News and you want to make fun of a teary-eyed African American reporter.