Sweet Release: What’s In And Out The Week Of December 16th 2008


  • Fall Out Boy Foilex A Duex
    Help Pete Wentz pay for diapers. You can even buy the record off the band’s MySpace page for $3.99 and it’s worth it. Tracks like “She’s My Winona” and the single, “I Don’t Care,” are poptastically terrific.
  • Ghostface KillahGhostedeini The Great
    “I just want to celebrate,” he says and this rad record will def put you in the mood to party! If James Bond was gangsta, these would be his jams.
  • All American Rejects When The World Comes Down
    “I wanna touch you, you wanna touch me too.” It’s true. It’s like they can read our minds and then they add guitars and even violins.
  • Keyshia Cole A Different Me
    On her opening track, she says she “would like to introduce a sexier side of me.” Well, she’s not wearing any pants on her record cover and her songs are soft talk R&B. Yet, she just doesn’t grab me the way her sexy image promises.
  • Anthony Hamilton The Point Of It All
    Classic ’70s-sounding R&B tracks like “Please Stay” pull me in, but weird Muppet-like vocal affectations ruin perfectly cool songs like “Fallin’ In Love.” If you’re looking for a soulful record to screw to, just buy the last Al Green record and skip this newbie.
  • Soulja Boy I Soulja Boy Tell’em
    The tracks are hot and he’s got some rhymes, but this boy just yells ‘em at you. He lacks the finesse of man.
  • Jamie Foxx Intuition
    This big name pulled some of the best in the business for his second record: Kanye, Lil Wayne, TI, and T-Pain. But the record just isn’t as powerful as the names behind it. Still, his collaboration with NeYo — an ode to independent women, “She Got Her Own” — is an awesome feminist tribute.
  • Plies Da Realist
    Rapper Plies is a young gun…literally, dude gets violent. No one can tell him what to do, as his best track/anthem addresses older people asking him to pull his pants up on his battle cry “Pants Hang Low.” Barack Obama, are you listening?
  • Brutha Brutha
    This five brother act is like the new New Kids On The Block. Their music is Top 40 to a fault, but people love them and their BET reality show “Brother to Brutha”.