Romantic Comedies Aren’t The Only Fiction That Will Ruin Your Life

A recent study found that fans of romantic comedies have unrealistic expectations of their life and relationships and often have trouble communicating with their partners. Rom-com devotees have an unrealistic idea that fate determines love, that the love-of-their-life should know what they want without them having to say it, and that sex with the right person will always be spectacular. We’re not surprised by the findings of this study, but we’d like to add a couple other fiction genres that we think have similar effects on life.Like rom-coms, fairy tales will also set you up to fail romantically. Every woman at some point, usually after a major heartbreak, has to learn that there is no Prince Charming waiting to save her. Men and people, in general, can be unreliable. So it makes sense for a woman to learn to rely on herself. Instead of Rapunzel waiting for someone else to save her, she should have cut her own hair and used it to climb out of the tower. Then, she would have had her pick of any man in her village. Also, it’s rather unfair to expect a man to live up to a fictional character. And not having any give and take with your partner would get boring after awhile.

Soap operas will also give you an unrealistic idea of romance and relationships. You could watch soaps and think, “Jake returned to Suzie Q after a year of separation, and after he got kidnapped by aliens, because they’re destined to be together, just like me and Sam.” But most soap operas are set in small towns with a limited population, so if a character departs, you can be sure he’ll resurface at some point. However, it’s not a guarantee that your ex will return to you. Or that you’d even want him. Sure, the people in soap operas look really happy, even though they have tons of drama. That’s because they’re filthy rich, but don’t have to work. And as we all know, that’s just not the case for most people in the real world.