10 Places NOT To Meet Men

Last night I saw an Alvin Ailey Dance Theater performance. It was spectacular. However, as I looked around during the intermissions I realized this performance was a horrible place to meet a man. Some men seemed to have been dragged to the theater by their wives/girlfriends and the others seemed to be gay. Some people say that to meet a new man you just have to go out, but I think there are some specific places you shouldn’t go to meet any man. Check out 10, after the jump…1. The ballet: See above.
2. Twilight book signing: This book series doesn’t offer much entertainment for mature men, so we’d be skeptical of any man that loved it enough to go to a book signing.
3. Drag queen talent show: Something tells us that we wouldn’t find a huge selection of straight men here.
4. Baby shower: Most men avoid baby showers like the plague, so the majority of men attending are probably married or involved with a woman that is attending also.
5. Funeral: We just think it’s disrespectful to be on the prowl at such a solemn occasion.
6. Male or female strip club: Would you really want a guy that you picked up while he was ogling another woman? Similarly, we doubt a male stripper would be boyfriend material.
7. Fashion show: A fashion show should be all about the fashion and the designer. You can meet a man at the after party.
8. Group therapy: Knowing your partner’s issues and him knowing yours before you’ve exchanged addresses or had a first kiss seems like a recipe for disaster.
9. Barbershop: There will be way too much pressure and prying eyes to try to make a connection at a barber shop, which are “no-woman’s land” for a reason.
10. Weightlifting room: Any guy that is seriously lifting weights will be too preoccupied with himself to notice you. Save yourself some hurt feelings and wait until he comes out of the locker room.