Girl Auctions Off Hot Older Brothers For Christmas Money

We’ve all come up with little creative ways to cut back on spending and raise money for those holiday gifts, from taking on a second job to selling clothes on eBay. But a 14-year old Austin girl had a much better way to raise some holiday cash. She decided to pimp out her brothers.

Kristin Walters has muscular dystrophy, which prevents her from doing work most kids can do to earn money. So she turned to her older, and handsome, twin brothers for help. Kristen is auctioning off a date with her bros on Craigslist to have spending money to buy gifts for her family. According to the post, the date includes dinner at a fine restaurant, drinks and transportation in the local Austin area.
It got me thinking, would I ever PAY to go on a date with a total stranger, even for the good of a little girl? I’m a female. I should never have to pay a man to go out with me. But I guess it’s a little like online dating. I’d pay a website to hook me up with a potential wack-job so why is this any different? Oh perhaps because the current bid is $200 and we’re in a recession. Speaking of which, bidding ends December 19. Good luck! [Craigslist]