What’s The Juiciest Thing You’ve Learned Googling An Ex?

Several years ago, fresh out of a long-term, live-in relationship, I started seeing a guy I met in a bar who was also on the rebound. I was searching for the antithesis of my ex, and as a well-traveled, charming, cocky med student, he fit the bill perfectly. He, on the other hand, seemed to be searching for someone exactly like his ex, a fellow med student who, I learned, loved strappy heels, expensive boutiques, and spoke with a Russian accent. Much to my rebound’s chagrin, I was nothing like his ex, despite his constant effort to mold me into something resembling her. “You’re totally still in love with her,” I accused him one afternoon for the umpteenth time after he recommended yet another store where she liked to shop. “You’re crazy!” he exclaimed again, something, in my vulnerable state, I was beginning to believe. Long story short, the relationship finally imploded, he moved away, I moved on, and now I’m in a healthy, happy relationship with someone who rarely, if ever, mentions any of his exes. Still, curiosity and human nature gets the best of me from time to time, and loathe that I am to admit it, I’ve found myself Googling my ex’s name on a few occasions. Mostly, it’s the same boring medical articles he published before we even met that pop up in the search results, but most recently I was rewarded with a juicy link: his wedding registry. It wasn’t the fact that he’d just gotten married that I found interesting; it was the name of the bride I was most fascinated by. It was the very same woman I’d spent months being compared to, the same woman I always accused my ex-boyfriend of still being in love with. More than anything, that little bit of information affirmed for me that I wasn’t so crazy after all … except for the fact that I spent as long as I did with a guy who wished I was someone else. Anyway, the whole thing got me wondering about other people’s Google habits, and what they may have discovered about old flames. Have you been guilty of Google-stalking an ex, and if so, what’s the most interesting tidbit you’ve found?