What A Craigslist Ad Teaches Us About Relationships

Forget self-help books and magazine columns. For dating and relationship advice, I recommend Craigslist. Don’t believe me? Yesterday, I was perusing the New York City section of the site, hoping someone might be unloading a pair of Veronica slouch Frye boots in a size 7, preferably barely used, and hopefully well under the $328 they retail for, when I came across the following ad. The subject header: “Mens clothes, My ex’s xmas gifts he’ll never get, It’s a steal.”

Broke up with my ex and these are all his birthday and holiday gifts that I never gave him. Take this chance to get a steal.

Frye Marco Roper boots $150 originally $250 worn once, gorgeous oil treated suede that has an antique weathered look. Very Stylish! Too good for my EX!!
Aldo slip on brown shoes $100 Brand NEW!!
Dress pants $40 each Size 34/35 Buy the lot and I will give another 10% off!!
Dress shirts $25 each, calvin Klein and more XL size 17/34
Kenneth cole and DKNY dress sweaters with zippers $50 each XL
Dress T shirts black and aqua and grey 100% cotton $25.00 Retailing for 3 times my price!!XL 17/34
Socks new $10.00 for the whole lot
Cashmere black 100% sport coat size 46 $200 Stunning!
All season black sport coat size 46 $150
Hand knitted scarves and mittens for men $65.00 for the set
Mens hair trimmer and beard and side burn trimmer $15.00
Mens belt size 36 free to the buyer that responds and purchases first.

What can we learn about relationships from this Craigslist ad? We know the ex-in-question had a large upper-body and a fairly small waist-size, but more importantly we know that the person selling what would have been his birthday and holiday gifts spent well over $1,000 on him — maybe even as much as $2,000 or $2,500. All the items were clothing (well, except for the hair trimmer). We don’t know if it was a gay or straight couple, but it doesn’t matter. These two are broken up, and this shopping list reveals a little more creativity may have saved them. The moral of the story: When buying significant other gifts this holiday season, be sure to include something that requires batteries, a lock, an electrical socket, or earplugs. And if you happen to have a pair of Frye boots in a size 7 that you no longer want, drop me a line. [Craigslist]