Spray-On Condom One Of The Year’s Best Ideas, Says New York Times Magazine

Catherine Strawn | December 15, 2008 - 9:00 pm

Last weekend’s New York Times Magazine honored this year’s many innovations in its “Year in Ideas 2008″ issue. Alongside accolades for upside-down demolition, a vending machine for crows, and air bags for the elderly, there was praise for the spray-on condom. German entrepreneur Jan Vinzenz Krause came up with the idea for this perfect-fit condom while in a car wash. This year, 30 men have tested Krause’s spray-on latex invention, all to positive reviews. The only downsides are that it takes two minutes for the condom to dry and the spray is a bit cold. However, while the spray-on condom is a good idea, in theory — what guy wouldn’t want a condom that fits him just right and makes him more sensitive? — Krause said he doesn’t think his spray-on condoms will be commercially available any time soon. We’re hoping the good press will help change that. [NY Times]