Spray-On Condom One Of The Year’s Best Ideas, Says New York Times Magazine

Last weekend’s New York Times Magazine honored this year’s many innovations in its “Year in Ideas 2008″ issue. Alongside accolades for upside-down demolition, a vending machine for crows, and air bags for the elderly, there was praise for the spray-on condom. German entrepreneur Jan Vinzenz Krause came up with the idea for this perfect-fit condom while in a car wash. This year, 30 men have tested Krause’s spray-on latex invention, all to positive reviews. The only downsides are that it takes two minutes for the condom to dry and the spray is a bit cold. However, while the spray-on condom is a good idea, in theory — what guy wouldn’t want a condom that fits him just right and makes him more sensitive? — Krause said he doesn’t think his spray-on condoms will be commercially available any time soon. We’re hoping the good press will help change that. [NY Times]