Five Things You Didn’t Know About Christina Hendricks

Most “Mad Men” fans know Christina Hendricks as the sultry bombshell Joan Holloway. Now, fans also know her as actor Geoffrey Arend’s new fiance. But we’re pretty sure most fans don’t know the five following facts about Hendricks.

  1. Before appearing on “Mad Men,” Hendricks’ longest running appearance on a TV show was as Nicolette Raye on UPN’s “Kevin Hill.”
  2. Although Hendricks is known for her flaming red hair, she’s actually a natural blond and has dyed her hair since she was 10.
  3. In high school, Hendricks was a purple-haired, black lipstick-wearing goth.
  4. Joan Holloway’s signature wiggle-walk is an exaggeration of Hendricks’ natural walk, which accentuates her curvy hips. “I’ve always had a bit of a walk—this girl’s got hips …,” she told Page Six Magazine.
  5. She appeared in the Everclear’s “One Hit Wonder.”

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