Dating By Diagnosis: Six Types Of Guys Gone Mental

Any lady who’s put in her time knows there are a lot of lunatics out there. The bad news is, some of them are scary. The better news is, dating the mentally unstable doesn’t always have to be a negative. Here’s a quick way to take the lemons life tosses your way and turn them, if not into lemonade, into at least something slightly less acidic:

1. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Dude
True, the fact that he needs to touch the doorknob 33 times before you can leave and flips out if his broccoli brushes up against his steak, might get on your nerves. But on the upside, he’ll totally clean your apartment—even that gnarly crud caked behind the toilet.2. The Manorexic
While it is somewhat devastating to date a guy who looks better in your skinny jeans than you do, who among us couldn’t afford to lose a little junk in our trunks? Dating a manorexic is way more motivating than Weight Watchers and far more effective than the cabbage soup diet. Just be sure to quit him when you hit your goal weight. You wouldn’t actually want to catch anorexia.

3. Attention Deficit Disorder Dudes
The ADD boy will keep you on your toes. This guy will always know the latest, greatest band, the coolest clubs and has Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live’s phone number in his mobile. The downside is an extreme case of reckless eyeballs. If you can keep your relationship in perspective (i.e., accept that you’re one of many), your opportunities for fun are unlimited.

4. Bi-Polar Boys
Remember that nursery rhyme that went “when she was good, she was very, very good/when she was bad she was horrid?” That’s kind of what it’s like to date an unmedicated Bi-Polar bear. One minute he’s the sweetest, most fun guy around, days later he’s in a deep funk not even Rick James can rouse him from.

5. Borderline Personality Disorder Boys
Okay, the BPD boy may be volatile, impulsive and, well, rather kooky, but there’s one thing he will never be and that’s boring. Unlike Bi-Polar Bears, who can stay depressed or elated for weeks—sometimes months—at a time, BPDs can cycle through several different highs, lows, and crazies within the course of a day. It can be a lot to keep up with so hold on or get off the ride.

6. Narcissistic Personality Disorder
There really isn’t much to like about the narcissist. Utterly self-involved, he’ll see everything through the filter of him. And oh, what a glorious, brilliant, handsome filter it is. The only good thing about this dude is he makes all other jerks look sterling in comparison.