Would You Dump Someone Over A Bad Gift?

According to a new study, a third of all women “view an inadequate Christmas gift as a relationship deal-breaker.” Women sited cooking utensils, cleaning products, fake jewelry, and, mysteriously, “a tape dispenser” as bad gift choices. Not surprisingly, lame gifts followed by more disappointments (reservations at the wrong restaurant, perhaps?) led to more breakups, the survey found. Interestingly, smart women are particularly hard to please: “highly educated women — especially those in the legal field — are particularly demanding.” “Lauren Mondello, 26, of Baldwin, L.I., said she may consider kicking a man to the curb for a lousy keepsake. ‘For a set of knives — I probably would,’ she admitted.”

“Emma Davis, 27, a visitor from England, felt vindicated when an ex-boyfriend bought her a Wonder Mop from a TV infomercial. ‘He thought he was getting me a really good present, but I was not impressed,’ she said.”

Look, I love great gifts as much as the next chick, but are bad ones really worth getting our knickers in a knot over? One Christmas, a boyfriend gave me one of those fancy electric toothbrushes, and even though my girlfriends teased me about it, I decided to appreciate my boyfriend’s obvious concern for my dental health. Besides, someone must have talked some sense into him because for Valentine’s Day a couple months later, he gave me an all-day pass to a spa, where I got a full-body massage, a facial, and a seaweed wrap. It was great (well, except for the seaweed wrap, which turned out to be pretty uncomfortable, actually), but the point is, I don’t need a gift to know if a man cares for me — he shows me in lots of other ways. Why are so many women wrapped up in material expressions of love? Would you ever dump a guy over a bad gift? [NYDailyNews]