The Frisky Gift Guide: Your Awesome Four-Legged Friend

Our pets can be rather intuitive, but we doubt they know when it’s the holiday season. All they know is that you’re excited about something and, therefore, they feed off your energy. So this is still the perfect time to get your cat or dog something special or something they need. Your pet is your best friend through and through, after all.

Kitty Go Crazy Interactive Toy
Petlinks System MouseFull Refillable Catnip Toy
Whisker City Leather Safety Collar with Rhinestones
Original Drinkwell Pet Fountain
Catviar Gourmet Cat Treats
Petlinks System Dream Curl Curved Scratcher
Heated Crinkle Tunnel & Sack
Cashmere Dog Sweater
Leather-Backed Madras Collar
Le Cuisine Pet Meal Mat
Dogs Dig Sleep! Fleece Throw
Doggles ILS Dog Sunglasses
Posh Pet Candy Collection Pet Collar
Excursion Backpack