In Bed With … Ed Westwick

Born: June 27, 1987, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, UK
Sun Sign (Basic Self): Cancer
Ascendant (Social Façade): Unknown
Moon (Emotions): Cancer Love Style:

Moody, messy, and magical describe the craziness that Cancer-infused Ed brings to the art of love. Despite his distant and too-cool-for-school demeanor, underneath all that he’s emotional, creative, and sensitive to a fault. For the right person, he’s the perfect type to bring home to your mother and the kind of boy you can talk to about anything until the wee hours of the morning. Nurturing and romantic, he’ll offer a love like no other — as if he can read your mind, understand every facet of you, and provide answers for all your dilemmas. However, the brooding façade doesn’t come from nowhere; he’s so delicate he has a tendency to get possessive, jealous, and controlling. He’s not the only one with feelings, but that doesn’t occur to him. He’s all about double standards, and what works for him isn’t necessarily acceptable for his significant other. While he’ll take on a very protective role with those he loves, oftentimes he goes overboard. He’s not a guy that sticks to boundaries very well.

Sex Style:

When left to his own devices, he can be a raging lunatic in bed. Feeling all the emotions of every aspect of his life at every moment makes him unpredictable. One minute, he’ll go the extra-macho route and be rough. Another minute, he can flip and be so tender it’ll feel like he’s melting into you. Never one for the gray areas, the two extremes are where Ed performs. The catch is that to bring out those sides will require an emotional connection. He’s not the kind of guy that can stick it into just anyone he finds cute. It doesn’t have to be deep, but he’s not the kind of guy to get slutty without some sort of sentiment. The good news is this makes it easy for anyone who wants him to gauge how he’s feeling. When it comes to sex, he’s an open book, and what he brings to it is a direct reflection of the emotions and respect he has for you.

His Type:

With at least four major planets in Cancer in his chart, Ed is the kind of guy that’s more comfortable being the loudmouth bottom, literally and metaphorically. He’d prefer to be spooned after sex, asked out on a date, and even the prettier one in the relationship, making his ideal partner the aggressive, direct, and free-spirited type. He craves someone different than himself, someone less serious, but tough — a true compliment. Security is his thing, and the one he falls for must be confident enough for two and willing to wear the pants. While he’ll constantly play head games to test your loyalty, his partner has to be able to call him out and be a mother of sorts, lessening his neuroses while making him feel like a man. Yes, it’ll take patience, total self-confidence, and an iron-fist to tame his inner bad boy, but as it goes with love and the Cancer man, it’ll also means ultimate intimacy to the umpteenth degree.

Astrosexologist Kiki T is author of “The Celestial Sexpot’s Handbook” and The Frisky’s Astrosexologist Extraordinaire. Check out her FriskyScopes every Monday and her advice column, Ask The Astrosexologist, every Thursday.