Doin’ The Butt: Anal Sex On The Rise Among Teens

Anal sex is on the rise amongst teenagers. Not so coincidentally, so are STDs, specifically HIV/AIDS, among 13-29 year-olds. According to ABC News, teens just don’t find sex and its kinks as taboo as previous generations — which we suppose is sort of good news. It’s important for teenagers to have a healthy relationship with their sexuality and to not feel shame about their urges. But the bad news is, with a lack of sexual education, they’re being stupid about how they do it. Since teens aren’t worried about pregnancy when they’re going through the back door, they often don’t use condoms. There are life-changing risks involved, especially with anal sex, where the walls of the rectum tear easily — just ask our own Dr. V. So, as we tackle sexual taboos as a society, we have to be responsible enough to teach the next generation what we know. Pretending that they should discover all these moves on their own makes for an irresponsible generation and our generation of adults is at fault. They don’t know better, they’re kids! Just like everything else they learn, it’s is our job to teach them right from wrong. Doin’ the derrierre is a dirty business — from a sanitary point of view to the increased chance of contracting STI’s. However, especially as teens, we’re all curious and experimentation is an important part of learning what you like. As the numbers show, homosexuals aren’t the only ones interested in anal sex, with roughly 40% of heterosexual couples choosing to take the caboose for a ride. So, it’s important, especially while teens are young and passionate, to help them follow their hearts, but still use their brains. At that age, they are already naturally inquisitive, so we might as well help give them the information they seek by being open about what we know. We have to explain to them about the birds and the bees — and now, apparently, the butt. [ABC News]