Style On The Street: Black Dresses Don’t Have To Be Boring

I’ve worn the same black dress several times in the past couple months, and every time I wear it, Amelia says, “Ooh! I like your dress! Where’s it from?” She probably gets confused because I wear it with a different belt every time. The moral of this story is: You can wear the same black dress to every holiday party you have to go to. Just try it with another belt, switch up your jewelry, or change your shoes. Seriously, no one will notice. Especially Amelia. [Trender Bender]

1. Rayon Embroidered Tank Dress, $245,
2. Structured Sheath Dress, $79.50,
3. Orphan Age Silk Racerback Dress, $152,
4. Zooey Tuck Sleeve Dress, $198,
5. Lorick Oxford Dress With Tree Print, $242,