10 We’d Like To See Have A Comeback In 2009

We were so delighted with 2008’s surprise comebacks that we decided to get a jump on next year’s. As you’ll see, some of these predictions aren’t likely, but we think it would be awesome if they did come true.

Amy Winehouse was the No. 1 anti-drug PSA this year, but we’re hoping she still has some musical bones in her skeleton. We think she’ll surprise everyone and enter “Rehab,” where she’ll write a banging-ass album to follow up Back to Black. If Britney can bounce back, so can Wino!
Jobs were the biggest casualty of what John DeVore calls “The Brokepocalypse.” We’re hoping (with fingers crossed) the economy will make a miraculous recovery by next spring. So graduating college kids will be able to put their education to work before they forget everything. An increase in jobs will also restore our faith in our leaders, whether they be corporate or political.
Director/writer Cameron Crowe hasn’t done anything in the last few years and his last movie, “Elizabethtown” was atrocious. We hear he’s working on an as yet untitled adventure rom-com starring Reese Witherspoon and Ben Stiller. Although this project is slated for a 2010, we think he’ll start promoting the movie in late 2009. It has better be good. We need another “Singles.”
Adam Brody is best know for his role on “The O.C.,” but he’s also appeared in several films, including “In the Land of Women” and “Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” We were crushing on this dude so hard a few years ago, but ever since Rachel Bilson dropped him, he dropped off the radar. Next year he will star in “Jennifer’s Body,” a dark comedy written by Diablo Cody — 2009 could be his year!
Lauryn Hill resurfaced at a Sonoma, New Jersey bookstore in October. She looked as if she’d been through a lot, so she should be able educate us about life again on a new album. We hope she realizes she was better off before becoming a Marley and joins the land of the living again!
Lil Kim hasn’t done much since being released from jail in 2006, except a stint as a judge on “Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious.” In 2008, she was featured on Korean singer Se7en’s debut single, “Girls.” We think it’s about time Kim gets a new ghostwriter and releases a new, personal album to put some of those rap boys in their place.
In early December, Bratz Dolls maker MGA Entertainment lost a legal battle with Mattel, and a federal judge banned MGA from making and selling the extremely popular (and fun, I might add) Bratz Dolls. We predict MGA will appeal the judgment and win, just in time for next year’s holiday season.
You may remember Vanessa Lengies as Roxanne Bojarski on “American Dreams,” a really great show that was canceled by the evil suits at NBC. Next year she stars in “Still Waiting…,” a sequel to the crude and rude comedy “Waiting,” which starred Justin Long and Ryan Reynolds. She also has two other projects to be released in 2009. She is tots 2009’s Kristen Stewart.
We’re tired of Paula Abdul slurring nonsense on “American Idol.” We think she should get help for her issues, come out with a decent album in 2009, and go on tour singing her old hits.
The Bush should make a comeback in 2009 because ladies are too broke to afford regular waxing. We’ll also be too busy to trim it ourselves because we’ll be trying to hold onto our jobs.