Cheerleaders Suspended For Someone Else’s Sexting

Back when I was in high school, a guy I was hooking up with had taken some sexy naked photos of me on my new car which I got from a dead old man’s estate sale. To celebrate my first car purchase — a ’88 Mercury Sable, truly the car equivalent of nurses shoes — I rolled around on the hood with my mom’s vintage leather skirt hiked up and no top, just like an ’80s video vixen. While my BF and I thought the naughty pics were hilarious, my dad didn’t think they were nearly as funny as we did. In fact, when he found them, I didn’t think they were awesome anymore either. Awkward! But I have to say, I am glad he found them instead of my whole school. Sadly, for a couple cheerleaders in Seattle, not only did the nude photos they took of themselves get passed around town, but the girls also got suspended — one for a month, and another for a year! As one of the mother’s pointed out, “If she had been caught taking illegal drugs twice, she would not have been punished this severely.” On the other hand, the people responsible for spreading the naked shots got off without even a slap on the wrist. WTF?! While it’s not illegal to take pictures of yourself in the buff, it is illegal to distribute child porn. The school officials in Seattle have it all wrong. “There is an implied ‘boys will be boys’ sort of mentality here, where none of the boys who had these photos on their phones were ever punished,” said the girls’ lawyer Matthew King. In fact, until one of the exposed teen’s mothers got wind of the photo circulation, no one had contacted the police and the school still isn’t pursuing an investigation to find the bully(s) responsible for the distribution of the pics.

Now, the cheerleaders are forced to regret how frivolously they endangered their futures by merely posing nude. (Honestly, if that was a crime, they’d have locked me up and thrown away the key a long time ago!) Worse yet, they fear the potential repercussions from college admissions even though they are both fine students. The backlash has, for sure, injured their self-esteem and will probably leave them with unfair issues about their sexuality — as if surviving puberty wasn’t enough! In the face of those damages to their reputation and well-being, all the ladies are seeking is an apology from the puritanical school board for the way the matter was chauvinistically handled. Go get ‘em girls! [CBS via Jezebel]