Ask The Astrosexologist: Aquarian Can’t Trust Her Pisces Man

“I am an Aquarius woman who has been with a Pisces man for four blissful months. Around the end of the fourth month, I was confronted by his other girlfriend whom I didn’t know existed. After hearing everything that went on and being so filled with fury, we both plotted and schemed to bring him down. But then, this man assured me that he had “emotionally” ended things with his girlfriend, that he never had sexual relations with her after meeting me and was planning to end it. We both agreed to bury the incident and try working on the relationship again.

The problem is, I continue to doubt and accuse him of lying to me when he is out with ‘friends’ and he can’t get over the things his other girlfriend told him about. She told him everything I said in anger and the things we plotted. Since then, he has not loved me the same and continually brings up the past every time we argue. I really love this man and want to work things out, but I wonder if things will ever be the same again. I feel as if my emotional walls are building back up and I am growing tired of my suspicion and his keeping a record of every wrong move. My birth date is 2/2/79, 9am, Korea. Please help.” – Ready to Give Up It was big of you to forgive him, but that only brings up the question: where do you draw the boundaries now? You’ve allowed yourself to be lied to, cheated on, and now manipulated to feel guilty for his sins. Aquarians do tend to intellectualize matters of the heart, which can be helpful in some situations, but not this one. As if goes, water signs are pros at spinning webs of guilt over others as part of their defense mechanism and with Pisces being the sign of legacies, he has twisted the past to suit his needs and make himself out to be the victim. Not cool.

Obviously, the foundation which your relationship is based on isn’t healthy and if you want it to have a real chance, it’ll mean giving yourself space to see the situation for what it is, sort through past hurts and see what’s truly in it for you. As of now, it’s not looking too good with him treating you poorly and your self esteem quickly falling. The pressure is intense and there’s nowhere to go but down at this rate, and unless you want to hit rock bottom hard, get out now. Yes, you love him, but not everything we love in life is good for us. After all, smokers love cigarettes.

Lucky for you, Jupiter, the planet of luck, is entering Aquarius on January 6, 2009 — an event that only happens every twelve years, making it a major aspect (for all Aquarians) to take advantage of — as in putting the focus back on you, your goals and your happiness. How it works is, the bigger the risks you take to ensure a better life for yourself, the bigger the rewards. It’s as if karma is working on turbo charge for you. This makes it your time to get life in order and clean house on all toxic influences. Plus, with the eclipses in Aquarius and Leo (your identity house and partnership house respectively) continuing from last year, surprises are in store throughout the year that’ll shake life up to bring you back to solid ground. To make the most of it though, means working on yourself and getting a healthy point of view towards life and relationships, setting up boundaries and upholding your integrity. Otherwise, hoping for a miracle isn’t going to happen. As the cliché says, “No pain, no gain.”

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