25 Things A Woman Should Never Say To A Man

As a follow-up to last week’s list of 25 things a man should never say to a woman, after the jump are 25 things a woman should never say to a man.

1. But it didn’t mean anything, I promise
2. Is she prettier than I am?
3. It’s okay, it happens to everyone
4. It’s just a game
5. Let’s talk about it 6. Maybe you should see a doctor
7. Are you wearing that?
8. I love you (first)
9. Do you love me?
10. Did you sleep with her?
11. Don’t worry, they were all smaller than you
12. I was always Daddy’s little girl
13. Do I look fat in this?
14. But I’m constipated
15. Maybe you should ask for directions
16. But Oprah always says…
17. Yeah, but that was before we were married
18. Let’s just be friends
19. Your mom told me all about it already
20. Wow, that’s what your brother liked
21. Sorry, I drank the last one
22. But “The Bachelor” is on!
23. But I’m saving myself
24. This is the exact spot where he dumped me
25. Can you afford it?