This Year’s Up-And-Coming Search Terms

Google recently released its “2008 Year-End Google Zeitgeist” lists of the fastest rising search terms, which are the terms that have seen the biggest increase in searches from last year. In the U.S., the top 10 fastest rising terms are:

1. obama
2. facebook
3. att
4. iphone
5. youtube
6. fox news
7. palin
8. beijing 2008
9. david cook
10. surf the channel

Kind of says a lot about our country, doesn’t it? At least American Idol David Cook is #9, not #1. Just for fun, we took a look at what people were searching for that brought them to The Frisky. Check them out, after the jump…

the frisky: That’s us!
real housewives of atlanta: This show was a surprise hit — everyone (including us) became obsessed with Kim’s wig and her “Big Poppa.”
public sex: Apparently everyone wants to do it, but doesn’t know how.
clay aiken: He came out! And had a baby!
robert pattinson: Hotness.