11 Tips For Scoring At Thrift Stores

Despite it being shopping season right now, none of us are buying as much we did last year — at least not from regular stores. While the retail industry is in its worst slump in 35 years, resale and thrift shops have reported increases in sales. I have definitely contributed to that rise; Besides a new winter coat (and underwear, of course), I haven’t bought any new new clothes since this summer. I even went to a super fancy wedding in a dress that cost $3! Below, find out how to work the Goodwill racks like a pro from three highly successful thrifters…1. “Thrift shopping cannot be rushed. Take your time.” — Christine

2. “Definitely hit shops in upscale hoods. People donate locally!” — Sarah

3. “Go with a fellow bargain lover or go it alone. Unless you want a friend to sit on a musty recliner and shoot you dirty looks while you dig for treasure, fly solo or go with someone who enjoys the hunt as much as you.” — Robyn

4. “If your goal is to create a collection, take your time. Rome/Paris/your closet was not built in a day.” — Christine

5. “As a general rule, vintage sizes are almost always smaller than 2008 sizes, so don’t pay attention to the number on the label.” — Sarah

6. “If it’s stained, yellowed, stinky, or made of cheap fabric, it’s not worth it, even if its only $5. Look it over in good lighting to spot discoloration (especially armpits) and to examine the fabric and lining for tears or damage. Missing buttons and zippers are easy to repair.” — Robyn

7. “Don’t get discouraged, some thrifting days just won’t be as successful as others. If you do get discouraged, leave the store, and return some other time. Good energy must always surround your thrifting experience. When you don’t have good energy, you won’t find that ‘find of all finds.'” — Christine

8. “Look in the kids section, always.” — Sarah

9. “Hit out-of-the-way thrift stores. Because people are so fashion savvy these days, thrift stores in bigger style cities like Los Angeles and New York are really picked over, and prices are always more expensive. Deals can be had for sure, but for more options and better scores try to squeeze in a visit to a thrift store the next time you visit relatives in Ohio or have a work meeting in Orlando.” — Robyn

10. “Try not to go to the store looking for something specific. Be open to what is there, take what is offered.” — Christine

11. “Go with your gut. if you love it, and its reasonably priced, buy it. Chances are you will continue to love it.” — Sarah