10 Biggest Celebrity Fashion Trends For 2008

Every year we look to celebrities for fashion inspiration, and 2008 was no different. Some celebs veered a little too far left of what is fashionably acceptable and others hit the target. Even if you didn’t commit to any of the following trends, you can’t deny that they made statements in 2008.

  1. Two-finger rings: (Lauren Conrad, Rihanna) This is one of the coolest jewelry trends we’ve seen in awhile.
  2. Baggy boyfriend jeans: (Katie Holmes, Reese Witherspoon) We like the idea of boyfriend jeans, but they shouldn’t actually be your boyfriend/husband’s jeans, Katie. Boyfriend jeans should be distressed and lose, but cut for a woman’s curves.
  3. Nail Designs: (Beyonce, Solange, Eve, Rihanna) Celebs wore some off-the-wall nail colors this year, but we’re big fans of Minx Nails designs.
  4. Outrageous, sky-high heels: (Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Solange) We’d never knock a girl for her footwear choices, especially if she chooses to high heels. But some of this year’s shoes looked downright lethal.
  5. Pointless accessories: (Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna) Both Beyonce and Rihanna seemed to have injured themselves, recently, but it was just their accessories. Sometimes things go a little crazy when a celebrity tries to be different.
  6. Obama T-shirts: (Halle Berry, Beyonce, Sean Combs) For the first time ever, fashion-forward political T-shirts were available to the voting masses. We just wonder what these people will do with their tees now that Barack Obama has won the election.
  7. Nerdy Glasses: (Kanye West, Jay-Z, Rihanna) Geek-chic is a definite do when done right, but thick, dark, plastic frames don’t look good on everyone.
  8. Bangs: (Christina Aguilera, Jessica Alba, Taylor Momsen) Bangs are a great way to update a hairstyle without having to cut all your locks. And they really bring attention to your eyes.
  9. Leather jackets: (Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens) A cropped and fitted leather jacket toughens up anything it’s paired with, including a sweet Pop music girl.
  10. Hippie headband: (Nicole Richie, Aubrey O’Day, Mischa Barton) Very few people can pull off this look, everyone else just ends up looking like they have a mushroom head.