The 10 Biggest Breakups Of 2008

More attention is paid when a famous couple calls it quits than when they tie the knot. How come? Because they’re more interesting duh! While breakups are sad, there’s something about famous people that makes the 50 times more dramatic. Perhaps it’s the various media outlets they trash talk to, the rumors surrounding them, or just the fact that everyone knows about it. Here are our top ten splits in ’08.

John & Elizabeth Edwards
He cheated on his wife while she had cancer, got busted by a supermarket tabloid, and rumors flew that he even fathered another child. Enough said.
Madonna & Guy Ritchie
This union was over long before it went public. Please, how could you be with someone as controlling as Madonna? We guess Yankees player Alex Rodriguez looks past that, claiming Madonna is his “soul mate.” Guy, on the other hand, just looks relieved.
Hugh Hefner & Holly Madison
She wanted a baby and he’s about 100-years-old. It was only a matter of time. Does anyone think they actually had sex?
Paris Hilton & Benji Madden
Early in 2008, Benji split with Sophie Monk to start dating Hollywood’s favorite bicycle, er, party girl, Paris Hilton. It was a moderately cute union considering Paris’s BFF Nicole Richie is with Benji’s twin, Joel. However, it was over before the year was up. Shocker.
Anne Hathaway & Raffaello Follieri
Nothing hastens a breakup like fraud charges and an intervention by the FBI!
George Clooney & Sarah Larson
George is a Tinsletown Casanova. When he went seriously public with girlfriend and former cocktail waitress, Sarah Larson, people were a little shocked. But old Georgie couldn’t rid himself of his playboy ways and the two broke up after a long year of domestic bliss.
Pink & Carey Hart
They may have called it quits after only two years of marriage, but Pink swears up and down that she and Hart are still in love and may have another go at it down the road. But her video for the breakup anthem, “So What,” seems to suggest there are bitter feelings.
Star Jones & Al Reynolds
People refer to him as “Big Gay Al” and she sold every detail of their wedding to the highest bidder. Did anyone really think this would last?
Marilyn Manson & Evan Rachel Wood
There was a 19-year age difference, he was in the midst of a divorce, and, well, he’s also kind of creepy. Though she seemed to channel his favorite femme fatale, “Lolita,” in more ways than one, it was just not meant to be for the shock rocker and the accomplished actress. He’s already moved on to a new goth girl.
Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams
2004-2007, 2008-2008
We were so sad when they broke up the first time, so when they got back together earlier this year, we practically wept with joy. Sadly, the couldn’t make it last a second time either and our hopes of a “Notebook 2″ went down in flames.