Handle This: Makeover Your Man

Do you want to rip the clothes off your partner’s body not because you’re insanely attracted to him, but because you hate his style so much? While it may seem like an impossible task, switching up your guy’s style is actually quite simple — as long as you carefully plot the steps you need to take to correct his numerous wardrobe malfunctions. Need tips on where to begin? We’ve got some fail-safe man-makeover suggestions from Laurie Graham, a celebrity fashion stylist in Los Angeles.Choose Your Words Carefully: When it comes to inspiring your guy to undergo a style makeover, remember that flattery will get you everywhere. “A great way to broach the subject of rehabbing his look is to tell him how great or sexy he would look in a collared, starched shirt, cashmere sweater, or whatever it is you’d like to see him in,” Graham advises. “Why not say, ‘With a great butt like yours, you would look so hot in a pair of dressier dark jeans. Can I show you the ones I’m thinking about?’” Ultimately, he wants to look good for you, so remember to stress the payoff associated with embracing a new look. Graham suggests: “I know you wear a lot of blue, but a camel colored sweater would really show off your gorgeous brown eyes! It makes me weak in the knees just thinking of you in a soft, cozy sweater like that!’”

No matter what you do, don’t insult or complain about his wardrobe, and steer clear of nagging him. Even if it’s how you feel, Graham says, resist the urge to blurt out, “I’m so sick of always seeing you in the same wrinkled shirts and baseball caps,” or “I wish you dressed more like Jennifer’s boyfriend – he always looks so hot!” Doing so will only put him on the defensive and likely result in his clinging onto his old duds even harder.

Consider That His “Lack Of Style” May Actually Be Masking Some Insecurities: Find your up against a guy who’s adamantly resisting change? Odds are this battle’s not about his style but something more personal. A lack of willingness to consider your fashion suggestions may be an indication of a bigger insecurity he’s trying to overcompensate for – say, a growing midsection, smaller biceps than he had in college, or a small stature. “In this case, you’ve got much bigger issues to deal with than his Tommy Bahama shirt with the Tabasco Sauce bottles all over it,” Graham notes.

Fill Up His Closet Yourself: If you want something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself. If you’re desperate to fill his closet with the types of things you like, for the next special occasion why not give him a new shirt you love or a pair of shoes you find exceptionally cool? Once he realizes how many compliments he starts receiving from your stylings, he will be much more inclined to go shopping with you and take your style advice, Graham says.

When All Else Fails, Consult A Professional: If shopping with you is causing him to have frightening flashbacks of back-to-school shopping with his overbearing mother and resulting in nothing but arguments beween the two of you, consider enlisting the help of a professional stylist or personal shopper. “When you bring in a professional, you’re no longer in the position of being the bad guy,” Graham explains. “An unbiased third party can point out why his current fashion may not be as flattering as he thinks. Additionally, by showing him specific examples of different styles, colors and cuts that are best suited for his specific personality and body type, he will start to see that he can look 10 years younger and 15 pounds lighter with the right clothing.” Because the style advice is coming from someone else’s mouth, he may be more likely to embrace a new way of looking at himself.