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Christmas Trees For Your Studio Apartment

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh pine this time of year, but having a real Christmas tree comes with some downsides: those freaking needles get everywhere, the thing needs to be watered even though it’s dead, and none of us have the space for a 9″ beauty. The fake options below will make your apartment festive this December without the drawbacks. Just make sure to buy a pine-scented candle so you don’t miss out on the smell of Douglas Fir.
Christmas Tree Wall Or Window Decal, $125, UrbanOutfitters.com; 5′ Pre-Lit Fantasy Hot Pink Tree (other colors available), $44.99, Target.com

Christmas Tree Light, $9.99, OrientalTrading.com; Recycled Motherboard Christmas Tree, $9.99, CuriocityOnline.com

Shiny Pine 3′, $9.99, UrbanOutfitters.com; ProFlowers Potted Christmas Rosemary, $34.99, ProFlowers.com

Magic Christmas Tree, $9, FredFlare.com; This Tree Needs You, $14.99, UrbanOutfitters.com

Mexican Fir Santa Lucia Boreal Forest Tree, $35, call Matter at 877-862-8867; Retro Trees, from $10, JaysonHomeAndGarden.com

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