Seven Scandalous Spouse Stealers

Sneaking around on your spouse is all the rage in Hollywood. Just this weekend, Angelina Jolie, openly admitted she and Brad Pitt fell in love while he was still very married to Jennifer Aniston. Ouch! But she wasn’t the only one messing around in tinsel town. Téa Leoni has allegedly been messing around on David Duchovny with Angelina’s ex, Billy Bob Thornton? Oh, the incestuous web celebrities weave! Alas, in Hollywood, cheating the camera isn’t just an acting technique, but off-screen it can get a whole lot trickier. More, after the jump…

Dayonara Torres/Marc Anthony/Jennifer Lopez/P. Diddy/Diana Bianchi
Whatever J.Lo wants, J.Lo gets! Before she was part of Bennifer, she let P. Diddy diddle her. However, when she found out the P must stand for philanderer, Lopez moved on, marrying her backup dancer, divorcing him, got engaged to Ben Affleck, and then broke up with him, before movingin on the husband of former Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres. A few months later, Marc Anthony had a quickie divorce from Torres and was married again to the Latina diva! But she’s still not over Diddy — Lopez recently slammed his skills in the sack. Now that’s below the belt! But apparently, Sean Combs also had an affair with Diana Bianchi, the 18-year-old that came between Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook. Whoa, Hollywood really is a circle.

Laura Dern/Billy Bob Thorton/Angelina Jolie/Téa Leoni/David Duchovny
It all started back in 1999 when man-whore Billy Bob (who had already been divorced four times) ditched Laura Dern and married Angelina Jolie without even so much as a phone call. Dern described the ending of their three-year relationship by saying, “While I was away [working on a movie], my boyfriend got married, and I’ve never heard from him again.” And now we know “Mr. Woodcock” isn’t just a character he’s played, it’s a way of life. BBT, who has a baby with his girlfriend of four years, has allegedly been running around with Téa Leoni, who has been married to David Duchovny for 11 years. They made it through David’s sexual addiction, but Téa put the final nail in their relationship coffin and just announced their separation.

The Nanny/Jude Law/Sienna Miller/Balthazar Getty/Rosetta Millington
Polls have shown, ladies man Jude Law killed all our girl boners for him when he cheated on his old fiancee Sienna Miller with his children’s nanny. He says he’s now a changed man, but he sure turned Sienna out. Now SHE is the other woman, coming between her new beau Balthazar Getty’s marriage to Rosetta Millington.

Guy Ritchie/Madonna/Alex Rodriguez/Cynthia Rodriguez/Lenny Kravitz
So by now everyone knows that Guy Ritchie and Madonna are getting divorced. And it looks like the tabloids got it right for once — they said she was fooling around behind Ritchie’s back with Alex Rodriguez, and the newest rumors are that Madonna wants to have his baby. Rodriguez’s wife Cynthia divorced him earlier this summer and has been spending quality time with Lenny Kravitz in Miami. By the way, he also happens to be a Madonna ex.

Robert Rodriguez & Rose McGowan
Director Rodriguez left his wife of 16 years for Rose McGowan, the star of his opus, “Grindhouse”. After sealing the deal in the sack, they inked some contracts and got engaged. Rodriguez seems to have devoted all his future projects to his new muse — they have plans to revamp the comic book vixen Red Sonja, shoot a “Women In Chains” television show, as well as remake the ’60s cult classic, “Barbarella.” They briefly broke it off this summer, but are back on.

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick
SJP is no stranger to cheating after playing Carrie Bradshaw. But over the summer, just after the release of the “Sex in the City” movie, her real life hubby, Matthew Broderick, tainted their public love by allegedly getting caught with a 20-something redhead. Could he be jealous of all the attention she receives? Who knows, but luckily, the cute couple is still trying to make their 11-year relationship work.

Uma Thurman & Ethan Hawke
After six years and a couple of kids, Ethan ran off with their babysitter in 2003. She must have done a really good job because they’re now married and just had a kid together in June. But Uma is better off without the emo Gen X-er! Not only has her career skyrocketed since, but she’s engaged to a handsome billionaire, Arpad Busson. Reality bites, huh, Ethan?

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