The Trend Continues: Girdles For Men

Okay, let’s review, shall we? We’ve got skirts for men, pantyhose for men, 6-pack undershirts for men, bras for men, and now…girdles for men? Yes, it’s true, marketed as a “compression” product to provide support to the lower back and to “encourage muscle activity while supporting a straight spine all day,” the man girdle, or “mirdle” is really meant to compress men’s love handles and spare tires. Look, when most of us think of equality between the sexes, this isn’t really what we have in mind. Equal pay for equal work? Absolutely. Equal share of the housework? Yes, please! Equal levels of self-consciousness, vanity and disdain for our bodies? I wouldn’t exactly call this progress. I never thought I’d say this, but can’t we just go back to the days when all men cared about wearing under their clothes were baggy boxers and a wife-beater? [NYMag]